1. Anonymous said: who are you going to coronation with? Emily? Alone? Not at all?

    Its my little brother’s birthday so Emily and I are going out to dinner with him!


  4. So many questions.

  5. Dis iz mah gf. She dnt giv a fuq.


  6. Anonymous said: Ever since you got a girlfriend you stopped putting stuff on tumblr. Therefore you only did it to try to get some. What a tool bag. Gross.

    Oh wow, you caught me red handed!!! Or should I say HAIRded????? lol


  7. Holy shit, I fucking hate marching band. It is the biggest waste of time ever.

  8. Beware of the Hound Dog

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  11. I really miss my best friend.


  12. My Mom just made the best tea ever.


  13. "I looked up at the dark sky and prayed to God for a better break in life and a better chance to do something for the little I loved."
    — Jack Kerouac - On The Road

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  15. Anonymous said: Do you think you'll be heading back to Kenya soon?

    I wish I could but probably won’t for a few years.